— We Are Too Gallus

We are dedicated to crafting beautiful brands which perfectly reflect the businesses they belong to. Whether its a logo, a flyer, a website or a strategy, we pay attention to the little things, because that’s what makes up the bigger picture.

Working with clients ranging from boutique home businesses to huge multinationals like Red Bull, we give every project the same care and love, because we know how much your business means to you.

Too Gallus is a design partner for your business, not a quick stop shop for jobs. We get involved with the businesses we work with at a personal level and believe in forging strong and lasting relationships with our clients.

— The History

Founded by creative director, Barrington Reeves in 2014 Too Gallus has gone from a fleeting idea to a company which helps hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs realise their dream every year. 

We have and always will be a company with its clients at it’s heart and it is through a deep care and understanding of our clients that we learn how to bring out their personality through their branding, ingraining the quirks and traits that we love in  them into the very fabric of their brands.


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