Biophilic Design

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What is it? Biophilic design is the the design of spaces such as offices, schools, homes which are designed to reconnect us with nature.

Natural environments are naturally relaxing, soothing and stress free. They remind us of our childhoods, of times we have felt at peace and unburdened.

Many people have heard of S.A.D – or seasonal awareness depression, but a similar ailment many people have not heard of is “nature deficit disorder” A symptom of our digital age where we spend all our time cooped up in an office or with our face glued to a smart phone, instead of out in the world, surrounded by nature, beauty and natural life. Its a well observed fact that spending time in nature, away from screens and electronics can simultaneously sharpen our senses and reduce fatigue and stress levels.


These principles can also be applied to interior spaces, whether at home, in school, at work or in places of study. Biophilic Design in architecture and in interior design considers the impact that light, natural surroundings, plant life, air quality, materials, and colour can have on our day to day lives and it has been found that a connection, wether real or imagined can have a significant impact on our well being, creativity, productivity and learning.


Maximise your Light & greenery. In your own home you can achieve this by making the most of your windows, placing furniture to look outside rather than directly at a screen, I have one sofa in my living room that points only out of the window and on to the clyde which is a great spot for relaxation, as well as placing my desk under a window so that I’m always in natural light.

Introducing plants into your home space is also a great way to bring some life into your space. All plants have different qualities and will convey a different feeling when placed in your home. I’ve filled my home and office with tropical plants to give it a very summery and vibrant feel. Introducing natural materials or artworks which depict nature is always a great way to further connect to nature and create a more positive environment.

I purchased most of my large indoor plants from Ikea, they have a a great selection of tropical and native plants at affordable prices and 1 or 2 large plants is enough to totally transform the personality of a room. My personal recommendations are Monsterra, rubber plants and Areca palms / paradise palms. All of which can be found from ikea or Perfect Plants on Amazon.


Many people prefer enjoying nature and the outdoors from a small space where they feel protected, this can be mirrored in your home by creating green-spaces such as snugs, reading rooms or creative areas. These areas will help you destress and nurture your creativity without having to go hugely out of your way.



Photos by Hilton Carter.

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