Custom Snapchat Geofilters

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A party isn’t really a party these days unless someone is there snap chatting the whole thing. Every event and club is now broadcast to the world through the eyes an lenses of its attendees and customers. Each person giving their own unique insight into whats happening. Now in a new twist, snapchat have released custom geofilters, allowing companies to pay to submit a filter design for a specific place and time slot.

The real world applications are endless. Touring bands, club nights, events, you name it – you can snapchat it.

The potential reach with this sort of marketing is astronomical, with 100 million daily users snapchat is a marketing tool which was before now, very difficult to effectively tap into. If you wanted to use it to market your company you had to have someone manning a phone for the duration of your event, now you put that power in your customers hands, allowing them to broadcast to all of their followers and that makes for some pretty interesting numbers. With the average person having 100 friends on snapchat that means the average reach for an event with 2000 attendees would be in the area of 200,000 people!

We’ve already started working with clubs, bars, events and more and we cant wait to see all the cool possibilities and designs that come out of this!

If you want to find out how we can make you a Custom snapchat geofilter , then drop us an email at or phone on 07855333736




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