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The past four days have seen one of the most viral and spoken about pieces of brand marketing in modern times. In 1 swoop Protein world has managed breed loyal Brand Fans by the thousands while at the same time seemingly offend a whole nation.

For better or for worse the £250,000 media campaign has exploded the companies social media following and had its name on the lips of anyone who has a timeline or twitter feed.

So what really happened ? Seemingly protein world have released an ad which some consider to be in very bad taste. Using skinny women and hugely ripped men on their ads they ask the the question “Are you beach ready?” while selling women their meal replacement weight loss protein and men their muscle building protein.

We spoke to many people, some who agreed with the marketing approach and many who didn’t. The response was absolutely overwhelming from both corners with people fighting passionately from both sides of the argument.

This got us thinking, as a protein company its pretty much a given that companies like Protein World are going to continue on using these idealistic models in their campaigns, because thats what sells and thats what their marketing is based on, but this got us thinking, what if they didnt… What if they used ordinary, every day people with a message aimed more at daily fitness and health ? Sure it may not be effective but its what people seemed to want to see, so we thought we would give them it!

Here is our take on the Protein World ads.

So, are you beach body ready?

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