Since its inception Trtl has evolved from a quirky and fun product company to an established world-wide brand. Too Gallus were tasked with redefining the brand’s strategy, positioning, identity and marketing to match its new global reach.

Rooting the brand in a strong foundational strategy of making the journey as enjoyable as the destination gave a new platform for the brand to express itself visually.

Travel & Tourism

Brand Strategy

Identity Design

Web Design
Packaging Design
Art Direction
3D Rendering


Agata Urbanska

The new visual identity showcases the travel accessory trail blazers across web, social and packaging as a forward thinking and innovative company at the forefront of their industry. Technical type which mimics airport information graphics and schematics lends a futuristic edge to the brand, while animated 3D assets help clearly illustrate the complex and robust components which create their products.

A new, more modern and ownable photography style is employed to help root the brand in its most important consideration, its customer. Clear and approachable photography shows off the wonders of travelling while dynamic campaign.

Everything is wrapped up in a robust, user-centric website which perfectly employs the brand’s aesthetic, animation and imagery. Designed to help clearly guide the customer through the journey of selecting the right product for them and their travelling needs.

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