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We are a future forward agency, who believe in leveraging our connection to innovative youth culture to create aesthetically lead, culturally relevant solutions to all design problems.

Our mission is to use a strategic approach to create innovative, disruptive, and challenging brands. Brands that generate massive impact.


Too Gallus is uniquely placed in the industry in that it is collectively the youngest agency in Scotland, meaning we approach work, life and our involvement in social issues in a very different way to many agencies.

Too Gallus uses its position, platform and voice to create positive social change at all possible opportunities, focussing hugely on the betterment of the creative industries. We believe it is our responsibility to be the change we want to see.

Our studio has a strict representation policy, ensuring all projects feature people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and abilities.

Too Gallus is also the creator of the Black Scottish Business Fund - a private fund which offers grants, mentoring and coaching to Black ethnic-minority individuals in order to help them realise and achieve their business goals.

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The Too Gallus team is a small but dedicated team of future leaders in their fields. our small team prides its self in being able to provide a full service offering which competes with the best in the world.

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