Redefining a category
Buttermilk agency set Too Gallus an ambitious brief, redefine the aesthetics of what it means to be the world’s leading creator content agency.

Following an in-depth review of their messaging, internal culture, business goals, competitive set and market position, Too Gallus worked with Buttermilk to refresh their brand strategy to find a new and unique angle for Buttermilk to attack the industry from.



Brand Identity

Motion Graphics

Web Design

Web Development

Social Media Strategy

When this strategy was finalised Too Gallus created a bold and unique visual identity to achieve a clearer, more ownable presentation of their offering and brand as well as a more distinctive tone of voice. All of this combined results in Buttermilk leading from the front in a one of its kind identity in its industry.

Data Driven Results

Challenging market misconceptions of influencer and creator marketing was at the forefront of the brief. Buttermilk’s data driven and insight lead approach manifested it’s self in a comprehensive set of custom animated data visualisation assets which clearly and creatively illustrate the massive impact buttermilk brings to their clients.

A new Tone of voice


This is a voice reserved for our board members and big business meetings. It’s still friendly and approachable, but is more interested in forecasting finances than trends. Approach it like you would your partner’s parents – drop in some interesting facts, but don’t try too hard. You want them to like you, but you hope they take you seriously too.


This side of Buttermilk comes to life at corporate meetings, in brand decks and sales pitches. It’s a balance of the vibrant Buttermilk they see online, and the business-minded bodies that’ll get their brand noticed. We shout about our successes, but we’re never brash or overbearing. Keep it cool and confident. You’ve got this.


This is our social-first, no shits given, personality-powered voice to win over the world. Speak to our Buttermilk buddies like you’d speak to your own. Hype our wins. Show what you know. Blaze our trail to show that what Buttermilk doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing.

Life in digital

All of this creative is boldly brought to life in a fully custom built website which showcases both their brand and wealth of experience. Long and in-depth case studies are made vibrant and engaging with exciting animation and visual wow, garnering praise from industry leaders such as GAP’s CMO, stating “I would hire them from their website alone”.

Creating innovative, future forward work rooted in youth culture.

Who we are
Our mission is to use a strategic approach to create innovative, disruptive, and challenging brands. Brands that generate massive impact.


Within two days of launch, the redesigned creator platform sign-up page generated over 1800 new creators and seen their Instagram engagement soar.